The home of great design

My name is Murray Lock and I have been interested in art and design since early childhood and started earning money in my spare time as a cartoonist for New Zealand newspapers in my teens (back in the dark ages of the 1970s). I worked in the public service for a few years then started Murray Lock Graphics in 1979. For the first few years I mainly produced syndicated cartoons, t-shirt designs and illustrations of products for use in supermarket advertising.

Over the following decades my work has evolved into creating logos, brochures, magazines, books, advertising and other forms of artwork for the print media. You name it, at some stage I've probably done it (unless it's illegal, in which case it wasn't me). I work closely with a small, loyal client base, most of whom I have been dealing with for decades.

Over recent years I have also worked for clients in Australia and the USA. If you have a project that you think I can help with, or would just like some advice, please contact me.