I am often asked to redraw old logos that were created long before the digital age. The original artwork is generally lost and the companies have to resort to scanning off old letterheads or business cards to reproduce the logo. Redrawing the logo not only cleans up and sharpens the lines, but also allows the logo to be enlarged to any size as the recreations are done in vector, not bitmaps.

Here is an example (old logo on the left, obviously):

I have designed logos to suit all budgets. Here are just a few samples of the hundreds (thousands?) of logos I have designed over recent years. Click on any image to see a larger view.

The Hardware Mart logos 6.jpg

Some years ago I was asked to come up with ideas for a rebranding of a local golf club. I came up with a few ideas without knowing what they were looking for and one of the ideas I felt had some merit. While it didn't meet their committee's approval (they opted to go with modifying their existing logo) I still like the simplicity and clean lines of it. In case anyone is interested, here it is: