A couple of days in San Diego

Maybe Green is the new Blonde?

Here's a trend I knew would happen eventually, particularly in a country obsessed with dogs, a range of pet clothes: 

Cop's motorcycles are a lot smaller here in San Diego: 

San Diego has some of the most creatively designed pedal-cabs: 

Here's what Vyv could look like without her morning coffee (what is it with the popularity of zombies and vampires these days?): 

Vyv took a bus tour to Tijuana yesterday and really went native: 

Truth in advertising, Mexican-style: 

Street corner protests can be annoying on crowded pavements, but these two kids making fun of the protesters was funny. Assuming you know who Zod is, of course. 

We did meet another Kiwi while in San Diego: 

Vyv makes a new friend: 

These guys have the perfect job, they can lounge around in PJs all day long: 

I love this work of art in downtown Dan Diego - it's hard to imagine this in the Square in Palmerston North: 

Downtown San Diego at night is quite an impressive sight: 

We went to Seaport Village yesterday and checked out all those yachts that we will never be able to afford.  While there is an obvious recession here in the States, some people still manage to live a decent lifestyle.

Finally, a photo from the WHAT WERE THEY THINKING department: