USA Road Trip Days 10 and 11

We have spent two days driving around the endless, endless cornfields of Iowa.  That's pretty much all there is here. This is a typical view:

There are also a lot of graveyards scattered amongst the cornfields. No causes of death are noted on the headstones but you'd have to imagine boredom would have rated high up on the list. 

Our TomTom directed us down this road somewhere in rural Iowa. We declined and took the County highway two blocks away. Seemed the most sensible choice. 

We visited the John Wayne's birthplace of Winterset, Iowa. Here's the house he was born in. My office is bigger than their whole house.

Here's a statue behind his house which his family put up to commemorate what would have been his 100th birthday. It is a great likeness, unlike a lot of the other paintings, statues and busts I have seen. 

It's been so hot here this last 10 days that every one has been flocking to the pools for a swim, even these cows: 

In one part of Iowa all barns and out buildings are painted white, they stand out from miles away. But in many parts of Iowa all the buildings seem to have remained completely unpainted. One exception was this old barn where someone on an acid trip created this on one side:

Josh, we know how much you love tractors so every time we see one we think of you.