USA 27 May 2014

This morning we thought that we would venture out to the Florida Everglades to look up some more gators. We took a tour on an airboat at Gatorland and we did see a few of them.

The Everglades are much more open, like flooded grassland with some areas of trees, unlike the swamps of Louisiana, which are basically flooded forests.

The airboats are very noisy and can go extremely fast. Hold on to your hats!!!

We did manage to get a hands-on meeting with one young gator...

He seemed very relaxed but we were still pleased that they had taped his jaws shut. He did have a hungry look in his eye.

Soon after leaving Gatorland we came across this car fire on the side of the road. It had only just started and we passed the fire engine minutes later. The driver of the car just had to stand back and watch it burn.

We stopped for lunch at the Islamorada Fish Company on our way across the 42 bridges and 113-mile chain of islands to get to Key West. Their fish of the day was dolphin. The waitress explained that it was not the FLIPPER kind of dolphin, but we declined and settled instead for alligator, conch fritters, clam chowder and crab cakes.

We see it on a number of menus here in Key West so it must be common. But, to us, eating dolphin just doesn't seem right.

We did like their artistic version of white lines in their carpark: