USA 10 June 2014

We left Clinton Mississippi at 7.45am, heading towards Houston, during heavy rain and lightning which had started at 2am. The bad weather followed us through Mississippi and Louisiana but by the time we reached the Texas border the sun was shinning.

We heard on the radio that between 6,000 and 7,000 lightning strikes had been reported in the Mississippi area alone that morning. Lightning hitting a car had been caught on video. Fortunately the couple in the car were unhurt but the electronics in their car were fried. We saw some impressive forked lightning ourselves and there was a lot of surface water on the roads.

There were a lot of reports on the radio of trees fallen on the roads during the storm and soon after we heard this we rounded a corner and what did we find? A tree on the road of course. Luckily, road workers had arrived to push the tree off the road and we were back on our way within 10 minutes.

Today we spent most of the day driving as we needed to get to Houston. We had occasional pitstops and photo opportunities, but nothing really interesting happened. One town that we passed through that really stood out was Nacogdoches, Texas. Parts of it look like little has changed in 150 years. They still have most of the original brick roads in the town centre and it looks to be thriving (well, thriving compared to the rest of the small towns anyway). We really like the look of it and the pride the people take in their town and their history is obvious. It has the feel of a by-gone age.

The photos were taken about 5pm today (Tuesday) so this is what rush hour traffic looks like in Nacogdoches...