USA 1 June 2014

We spent the whole day at the Universal Studios theme park in very hot humid weather. The park looks very good but the rides are a little underwhelming. The Harry Potter World looks amazing with it's charming English buildings with snow on the roof. The fact that it was raining when we were there made it look even more like an English village, of course the heat and humidity spoiled the illusion.

The Harry Potter ride itself was fairly intense. Very fast, very violent and Vyv would have hated it, so I went on it alone. This was fortunate as the waiting time was over 30 minutes but as I was a single rider I went straight to the front of the line and was on the ride within a couple of minutes.

This post to the blog was delayed (and is so brief) because the motel we stayed in last night (a Scottish Inn) had lousy wifi. The receptionist did warn us that the wifi didn't really work in the rooms, just in the carpark. I did manage to get a week signal in our room, as long as I left the door open.

This motel is run by a Kiwi. Why am I not surprised.