USA 8 June 2014

We spent last night in Chattanooga. In the 1960s it was voted the dirtiest city in the USA. We are not sure why, it looks OK now, but it may have been because of all the trains that ran through it.

This morning we drove up to Lookout Mountain to get a view of Chattanooga and it looks impressive from here...

Next we caught the 10.40am Chattanooga Choo Choo, an old steam train that does hourly trips for people who want to relive the days when trains were a major means of transport in this area. It took us a short distance, through the 1880-era Missionary Ridge tunnel (which is so narrow that the train barely fits through), and to an area where the original turntable is still running. They turned the engine and took us back to the station again. We opted to ride the unairconditioned car so we could have the windows open and smoke and soot blowing over us. It was quite a ride.

If you are ever in Bessemer, Alabama, we recommend you try Ezell's Catfish Cabin. They serve a lot of great local cuisine, including fried frog's legs. I had a great gumbo and Vyv had catfish with sweet potato fries (which came with cinnamon butter which I liked with the fries, but Vyv didn't). 

Drinks are served in large preserving jars, similar to how they drink their moonshine.

We talked to a guy at a service station about legal moonshine that they were selling and he said it was awful, only 12% proof. He says that he can get the real 100% proof from almost anyone who lives in the area.