only in canada

By the time we left the Mennonite Village it was 3.30pm and we had to plan were to go next. We settled on Thunder Lake, which looked interesting. Our tom-tom satnav said it would take 7 and a half hours to drive there, taking the slower route that avoided motorways, but there were no motels or hotels on the route. So I checked the alternative, which was the shorter route, using motorways. That was going to take 10 and a half hours.

In what other country would the longest route be shorter than the shortest route?

In the end we took the shortest (longest) route that took 10 and a half hours because there were towns along the way and we would have somewhere to stay. Little did we know that the route took us across the border back into the USA an hour or so later. We were very surprised. The border crossing was on a very quite road and only manned by one guy and there were no other people using the crossing. It looked like he had a very easy job.

We stayed the night in Bemidji, Minnesota.

We will be crossing back into Canada sometime tomorrow when the road winds back along Lake Superior