aren't we going the wrong way?

We decided to visit the Glacier National Park on the border of Montana and Canada. We really should be heading south away from Canada, but I am sure we have time. We spent most of the day driving through the changing scenery of Montana passed lots of prairie and into the farmlands and mountains. At one stage we were on unpaved country roads but eventually got back to some decent roads near the Glacier area.

Tonight we are staying in a town called Whitefish which is near the Whitefish Mountain Ski and Summer Resort, and is quite close to the Glacier National Park. We will visit the park tomorrow morning and then start our way back to San Francisco. They are fighting fires in this area, but hopefully they are under control and won't hinder our trip south.

NOTE: Vyv reminded me to mention that she had a buffalo burger for lunch yesterday and enjoyed it but thought it tasted just like beef. We had a Ben & Jerrie's Red Velvet Ice Cream too and that was really good!

Quite a few of the farms around here have an interesting way of storing their hay. We are a long way from anywhere so it just maybe that it is too much trouble to get balers up here: