Update: 19th and 20th October - Gettysburg

We had dinner by candlelight in The Dobbin House, a restaurant located in the oldest house in Gettysburg. The restaurant utilises all of the rooms as dining rooms. We had a tiny cubbyhole which was probably once a wardrobe. The table was so small they had trouble fitting the plates and glasses on it. It was an interesting experience.

We spent a few hours wandering the soldiers cemetery and areas where the battles of Gettysburg took place, checked out the museum, and meandered around the quaint town where many of the original buildings still stand.

The photo below was taken on the site where Abe Lincoln gave the famous Gettysburg address!

There is even a monument to Jenny Wade, the only civilian killed in the battle, outside the actual house she was in when a stray bullet killed her. I was quite amazed that only one civilian was killed as the battle raged around the town for a number of days and the bullets flying around must have numbered in the millions.