Update: 24 October

Last night we stayed in the very small town of Thomasville, Alabama. We stayed in quite a large motel with around 300 rooms and when we checked in there was only one other car in the parking lot. By the time we had dinner down the road and walked back to the motel the parking lot had filled up considerably. There were now 6 cars, including ours!!

Tonight we are staying in Westwego, just outside New Orleans, and while the motel is reasonably full when we took a walk to a Waffle House down the road for dinner we found the staff hanging around in the car park. They had no customers. We were the only ones. They said it was always pretty quiet.

We called into a small supermarket by the motel the lady behind the counter asked WHAT YOU FOLKS DOIN' HERE. WELCOME TO THE HOOD! I guess this is not your normal tourist hangout.

New Orleans was fun to walk around but hell to drive through. Very narrow one-way streets. Pedestrians everywhere. Very chaotic and we were told this was a very quiet day. Plenty of artists, buskers and the sounds of jazz coming from everywhere. Of course it wouldn't be a visit to New Orleans without seeing a band playing along the street. They were very good.

Of course Vyv couldn't go to New Orleans and not buy a mardi gras mask. She didn't have to flash her boobs to get the beads, she just paid cash.