I had my doubts, but it was worth the visit...

Vyv was keen to visit the Ark Experience, as she had read about it in a magazine. I was very dubious because it is built by Creationists to explain their view of Noah and The Flood. It did not sound like something I would really want to see.

But, as much as I hate to admit it, this was one of the many, many times I have been wrong in my life!! It was actually brilliantly made and presented. The design and craftsmanship on everything was excellent. They really spared no expense, although the landscaping is yet to be completed.

The Ark cost $100 million to build and the exterior is clad in Radiata pine imported from New Zealand.

The interior scenes of life on the (mythical) ark are works of art in themselves.

But their Creationist theories just went a little too far. So now Noah took dinosaurs on to the ark??? As stupid as that may sound, it would make a hell of a movie. The dinosaurs escape on a ship where there is nowhere to run... a great horror movie would pretty much write itself.