USA Road Trip Day 15

We visited The Garden Of The Gods near Manitou Springs, a strange and unearthly collection of red rock formations.

The roads were narrow and winding, and the space just driving in the entrance was narrow (see photo below).  

Nearby is the Manitou Cliff Dwellings, which were built by the ancient Anasazi tribe. Quite elaborate and ingeniously crafted. 


We also found, just a little further round the mountains, Seven Falls after a drive along very narrow, very windy roads.

To save old tourists like us from having to climb up 190-odd steps to view the falls, an elevator was cut into the mountain. Have we got lazy, or what? 

And here's the Seven Falls. Not much to look at now, as they are in the middle of a long dry summer. Supposedly these are the third highest falls in the World.