USA Road Trip Day 16

We took a short detour into Salida, Colorado looking for food. What we found was a charming community that seems to be centred around the arts. Painters and sculptors have their own studio/shops on the main street (which are mainly old, tired buildings). 


As we left Salida, a couple of dear wandered across the road in front of us. Seemed to be browsing the suburbs. You have to keep an eye out for deer everywhere. We have seen a few as roadkill on the side of the road over recent days. 


An hour or three later we came across a paddock with a number of bison grazing. The old, run-down building next to the paddock had a large sign offering bison meat for sale. 

We have been photographing a lot of old rustic barns as Vyv wants to put together a photographic book of them. Some, even in the worst state of disrepair, are quite beautiful in their own way.