USA Road Trip Day 17

These are The Elephant Feet. A rock formation just out of Kayenta, Arizona, which is a Navajo reservation – which meant no beer with dinner for me, as selling alcohol is illegal on an Indian reservation, but I must say the Navajo Fry Bread Tacos were fantastic and made up for the lack of a beer.

Tuba City, Arizona – This is a sight you don't see every day.  These two horses were just wandering down the middle of the road, without a care in the world, ignoring all traffic. Then they made a left turn down another street. Without using any indication signals at all.

We made the usual tourist pilgrimage to the Grand Canyon. A storm was following us all day but were were managing to stay ahead of it for quite a while, long enough to take a few photos: 

Then the storm rolled in. There was even lightning striking in the clouds coming in from the right, although I couldn't catch it on camera, we were too busy heading back for the car, absolutely drenched.