Update: 14 October

We visited the Halifax Citadel. It was fortified in 1749 when the city was founded and has been at various times rebuilt for the American Revolution, The War of 1812, the American Civil War and was even garrisoned in World War 1.

It has great views over the city and would have a formidable place to try and over-run. However no battles were every fought there.


The good old 78th Highlanders Regiment of Foot were stationed here from 1869-1871. Those Scots certainly got around. There is definitely a very Scottish influence to this part of Canada. There are even towns called Glasgow, Aberdeen, Inverness etc.

These guys are wearing the kilt for period effect but we did see a guy in his 30s wearing one on the streets today.

We did a walk around the cemetery where some of the Titanic victims were laid to rest, many of the tombstones have no names as they were unidentified.