Update: 15 October

We had lunch at the Old Boot Pub in the tiny village of Gagetown. Not as bad as it looks. It was their last day open before closing for the season so there wasn't a lot left on the menu.

We are finding a lot of places are closed, or closing, this weekend for the season. We assume they will open again when the weather gets warmer. Even most of the tourist welcome centres are closed.

It wasn't until I had almost finished drinking this chocolate milk drink the Vyv noticed the brand name. It gave her a little chuckle.

I am not at all keen on driving around this part of Canada at night. These signs, complete with flashing lights, are everywhere.

Thankfully the only Moose we have seen is this old bull moose in a wildlife centre. He is massive. In a car verses moose incident I don't think you would walk away unscathed.